In collaboration with
Maida Ghide
Fotios Balas

Romantso, Anaxagora 3-5
Athens, Greece

The Guerrilla Show Athens explores the limits of the conceptual fashion show and that of an interactive performance. It was realised on January 12th 2019, in Athens, Greece at the Romantso creative hub in collaboration with the fashion designer Maida Ghide, and her brand Annafora, and with the greek artist Fotios Balas. The typologies of a formal fashion show weren’t followed, neither the rules defining space, time, dates, internal hierarchies, rows and purpose. Through that project, we focused on designing the space as well as bodily movement, including models, staff and audience within this overall choreography. The guerrilla concept is linked to the element of surprise, thus the final outcome of the show remained partially uncertain to all actors, providing us with material for further research. Within that surprise and further observations lies the power of an experimental practice which is defined by and depends on the continuous interaction, while questioning  the limits between spectator and spectacle.

For more information you may go through the Guerrilla Show Athens event here.