Irida Anca Stamouli is a Make Up & Hair Artist. She has a Masters degree in Musicology, but decided she would rather paint on people’s faces and bodies. 
Alongside her formal education she began her courses to one of the top make-up artists schools in Greece, MakeupLab by Yiannis Marketakis. Since the completion of her studies she has been working freelance
in fashion, film and advertising. She was a finalist at the 2018 NYX Face Awards creative makeup competition, maintains a YouTube channel and has seen her work published in Greek media. 

@iridanca YouTube: iridanca

Maria Sklavounou is a passionate Makeup Artist based in Athens.
While she was studying at the university of Athens, she was taking make up lessons at make up lab by Yiannis Marketakis in 2015.
Since then she has take part in several projects as a Make Up Artist.