Alex Stigas is a videographer based in Athens-Greece, who started his career in London. He has worked as a cameraman, editor, production assistant and as part of documentary camera crews. Part of his work history includes collaborating with the artist Mika on Italian TV show “Casa Mika” and in London associated with BBC Radio 1, working on projects for the Royal Academy of Arts and working with Vice productions. In the recent years he has been mostly occupied with independent documentaries, interviews of public figures and recording live performances. Starting from a completely different Academic department – Business Administration in university of Piraeus – his impatience on what life could bring next made him eager to evolve and gain experience in many subjects.


Alexis Loukas is a passionated Video Editor & Videographer Living in Athens with years of experience in the field of montage and arts treats each project as a new challenge. Promo Clips, Video Clips, Wedding Videos, Theatrical Performance videos, Documentary Film.


Vasileios Papageorgiou was born in Athens in 1987. He studied Linguistics at the University of Athens and earned his Master degree in Business Administration from Athens University of Economics and Business. Grandson of a photographer, his relationship with photography started at a very young age but his interests and skills have developed when he joined the photography team
in the Cultural Union of Students in the University of Athens in 2005. It was during that time when street photography caught his attention, a genre that had a significant impact on his work. After a year in the Union, he conducted tutoring sessions there until 2011. He currently works as a professional photographer and his primary areas of interest are street photography, documentary, fashion, portrait as well as event photography. In 2018 he co-founded the GUM ISSUE project, a printed biannual magazine on fashion, aesthetics and urbanities.


Alexandros Konstantinidis was born in Athens in 1984. He has worked in various fields related to business and art and for many years now he photographs people in a green room, with a romantic loyalty.

More info here: @theathensgreenroom